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Our VP of Investment, Sung-uk Choi, spoke with FN News to discuss how RWA is transforming global investment.

Our VP of Investment, Sung-uk Choi, spoke with FN News to discuss how RWA is transforming global investment.

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Blockchain was able to go mainstream because of decentralization and the data transparency that brings. Gluwa follows this same principle, using blockchain to make the credit data and user investment process into fintech companies more transparent.

Choi Sung-uk, Vice president of Gluwa and Head of Investment, said in an interview with Financial News on the 6th,

“Uncertainty in the virtual asset market has increased due to the recent FTX incident.” He stressed, “Gluwa has always been aware of these risks and has explicitly made investment products that reduce risk exposure to the virtual asset market, focusing on data transparency as our solution.”

Choi has worked as a stock and bond quant and portfolio manager in traditional finance, including at Bank of New York Melon, Standish Asset Management, and Melon Investment (currently Newton Investment) and has been in charge of Gluwa’s investment since February this year.

Gluwa, a blockchain fintech company established in 2012, aims to expand financial access to the financially underprivileged around the world through financial services leveraging blockchain technology. In 2016, it entered Silicon Valley in the U.S. and is now working on various fintech solutions.

“In emerging markets, there are many financially underprivileged people without access to traditional banks or credit, who lack financial records of any kind,” Choi said. “In Nigeria, 40 percent of the population has no access to this basic financial infrastructure.”

Sung goes on to explain that, thanks to the power of machine learning to assess credit risk, there is now an incredible investment opportunity in helping fintech lending startups deliver capital to these underserved customers.

Gluwa’s investment products are geared towards investing in these emerging market fintech lenders via blockchain. If you invest USDC in any of Gluwa’s savings, bond (Fixed-Term Interest), or lottery accounts, you’ll receive interest directly from these fintech companies. Gluwa’s next goal is to launch their new Fixed-Term Interest Account, with annual rates of up to 20% on offer.

Gluwa runs its RWA investment products through its app, whilst Creditcoin, a credit recording network, works throughout an ecosystem of third-party apps. The Gluwa Wallet is a non-custodial digital wallet, enabling users to store and transfer various cryptoassets across several chains, including USDC-g and BTC.

“[By using Gluwa] you can receive higher profits than traditional banks and track all of the investment details in real-time using the Creditcoin Network,” Choi said. “It also offers crypto users the advantage of earning high yields on stablecoins, whilst reducing exposure to the general volatility of the virtual asset market.”

Gluwa plans to let investors choose exactly which products they want to invest in by providing more information and choice through their new Fixed-Term Interest Account. The account will provide loan data on all fintech companies looking to raise investment, including their location, business model, the size of their loan book, and their loan default rates.

“DeFi (decentralized finance) is already well known, but it often fails to disclose exactly how investments are being used,” Choi said. “Gluwa will allow investors to check the exact loan performance of investees directly.”

In addition, Gluwa plans to provide detailed financial audits on any fintech companies looking to raise investment, helping users determine whether interest rates and risk levels are appropriate for them.

Regarding Gluwa’s long-term goal, Choi said,

“It is to build a transparent, fast, and efficient investment platform while minimizing the role of intermediation by using transparent credit information accumulated on the Creditcoin blockchain.”


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About Gluwa

Gluwa is an RWA platform, connecting capital from developed markets to emerging market lending opportunities using blockchain technology. By providing the decentralized infrastructure rails to raise and disburse capital anywhere in the world, and securing immutable credit data on Creditcoin, Gluwa is empowering a new generation of users with the economic tools, information and accessibility they need to thrive, redefining the way we think about global capital markets.