Gluwa Invest will offer its users 3 different investment products to begin with; the Bond, Savings and Prize-Linked Savings Accounts. Each account is designed to offer our users various benefits and features depending on their individual needs.

All of our accounts will operate as smart contracts on our custom Ethereum side-chain and require users to verify their identities using Veriff. More details will be provided next week regarding our preregistration event where you can complete your identity verification, refer your friends for CTC rewards, and get ready for the official launch.

In order to help you understand each account, we have provided a short summary below, as well as some example figures of what you could expect to earn after a given time period.

Bond Account - 12% APY, 3-Month Maturity.

This is our first investment product which we will be debuting in a number of weeks. It offers users our highest and most attractive rate of 12% APY. In exchange for this high yield, users' stablecoin deposits will be locked into a smart contract with a drawdown maturity of 3 months.

At this interest rate, an investment of $10,000 would generate you:

  • After 3 months: $300
  • After 1 year: $1,255
  • After 5 years: $8,060
  • After 10 years: $22,610

Savings Account - 5% APY, Anytime Withdrawal.

The Savings Account functions similarly to the bond account, however, users will be able to withdraw their balance at anytime they want. In return for anytime withdrawals, the interest rate will be lower, at a bank-beating 5% APY.

At this interest rate, an investment of $10,000 would generate you:

  • After 3 months: $125
  • After 1 year: $512
  • After 5 years: $2,840
  • After 10 years: $6,485

Prize-linked Savings Account - 4% APY*, Anytime Withdrawal.

Our final investment product is our novel Prize-linked Savings Account. In this account, users' funds will be deposited into a collective liquidity pool which will earn interest daily at a rate of 4% APY. At the end of the prize period, all the interest earned by the liquidity pool will be randomly given to one or more randomly selected 'winners'. The more liquidity you deposit into the prize pool, the greater your odds of winning.

Functionally, the Prize-linked Savings Account functions as a loss-less lottery, meaning you receive lottery tickets at no cost. You can also withdraw your funds from the pool at any time.

*4% APY is the average (mean) return. Given the random nature of prize pools, we cannot guarantee an APY of 4% to every user.