Summary: The Gluwa and Aella wallets have been connected. Now, all payments, remittances, investments and other wallet activities that occur in Aella wallets are being transparently recorded on the Luniverse blockchain.

As part of our ongoing efforts to increase transparency and boost financial inclusion in partnership with Aella, we have succesfully integrated our back-end Gluwa Wallet into Aella's front-end consumer banking app. Now, the underlying Gluwa Wallet capabilities will serve and record the transactions of over 1.2 million new users.

Furthermore, as a blockhain-native wallet architecture, all of the transactions conducted through the Aella app, such as loan payments, remittances, currency exchanges, credit investments etc. will be publicly recorded on the Luniverse blockchain. You can view the transactions on the Luniverse blockchain here on their Side Scan.