Announcement - Gluwa Invest Drawdown Requirements

Users must submit evidence of address and tax identification to in order to down their funds. Full details inside.

Announcement - Gluwa Invest Drawdown Requirements

Tax Identification.

As part of our fund's tax reporting requirements - we are required to collect your tax reference number (TRN) or taxpayer identification number (TIN) prior to draw down of your mature funds.

A TRN or TIN is an identification number unique to you used to identify your tax records. Eventually we will be updating our product onboarding process to collect this in the app but for now, please provide this to us when you send your certified address documents to in order to ensure that your drawdown is not delayed!

Evidence of Address.

For compliance reasons, Gluwa Invest users must submit documentary evidence of their address prior to the payment of any funds. Please check the list of acceptable documents in the Gluwa app, and follow the steps outlined.

The evidence of address document must be a certified true copy of the original. This means you will need to take the address proof to any professional to be 'certified' e.g. Attorney, Bank Manager, Broker, Auditor, Medical Doctor, Accountant, Actuary etc.

You must send this certified address proof to prior to the draw down of any funds. The document must clearly show your name and residential address and must match the residential address you provided during user sign-up.

The Following Documents can be used:

  • Single Document Address Proofs (must be issued/dated within the last 3 months)
    • Utility bill/invoice (water or electric)
    • Bank statement
    • Letter/Certificate/Statement from a tax authority
  • Combination Documents Address Proofs (addresses must match and be issued/dated within the last 3 months where applicable)
    • Credit card statement + Driving license.
    • Cell phone statement + Credit card statement or Driving license
    • Lease agreement + Cell phone statement
    • Letter from medical doctor + Credit card statement or Driving license
    • Reference letter signed by licensed professional (e.g. Attorney, Accountant, Actuary, Broker, Banker) + Credit card statement or Driving license

Full User Drawdown Video Guide: