Gluwa Integrates with Infura Transactions (ITX)

Gluwa is integrating with Infura Transactions (ITX) to improve gas management and transaction experience.

Gluwa Integrates with Infura Transactions (ITX)

Gluwa is integrating Infura Transactions (ITX), a transaction relay service designed to optimize Ethereum transaction settlements by reducing stalled/dropped transaction instances and lowering gas costs via an incremental bidding process.

ITX, designed by ConsenSys, will help Gluwa Wallet users achieve an improved user experience, with users expected to pay 10-15% less on average for ETH transactions following the integration. Similarly, users should benefit from reduced cases of dropped transactions or retry instances, which often result in higher gas fees.

ITX works by first verifying a sufficient gas tank balance, then locking a portion and relaying your transaction to the Ethereum network. Once the transaction is mined, the total transaction cost including fees will be deducted from your gas tank balance.

ITX handles all edge cases for transaction delivery and takes care of getting transactions mined while removing the need for developers to deal with the complexities around gas management.

You can read more about ITX here: