Gluwa Wallet Update: CTC (ERC-20) Deposits Enabled

As part of Gluwa Wallet update V6.2.7, CTC (ERC-20) Deposit and View Balance features have been enabled with more features coming soon.

Gluwa Wallet Update: CTC (ERC-20) Deposits Enabled

As part of the Gluwa App's latest update (v6.2.7), Gluwa has introduced support for the CTC ERC-20 vesting token, also known as G-CRE. The newly included features are Deposit and View Balance. This means users will be able to deposit their CTC (ERC-20) into the Gluwa Wallet, as well as view their CTC (ERC-20) balance.

CTC (ERC-20) is the token you have received if you have participated in some of our recent promotion campaigns.

This functionality has been added to pave the way for future Gluwa App CTC feature updates. These upcoming updates will include in-app CTC (ERC-20) payments and transfers, and non-custodial exchange services. You can expect more news on these features in the coming months. In the longer term we are also building wallet support for CTC (ERC-20) -> CTC swap.

Please note: Currently, users cannot exchange or send their CTC (ERC-20) from this wallet. This means users will be unable to withdraw their CTC (ERC-20) balance from the Gluwa Wallet unless using a separate ERC-20 wallet programme.