Introducing Gluwa NFTs...

The Gluwa NFT collection has officially landed on OpenSea! Our plan is to distribute them to the community over the comings months for FREE. Details inside.

Introducing Gluwa NFTs...

The new collection of Gluwa NFTs has officially landed!

In fact we’ve already minted the Gluwa NFT collection on OpenSea… you can go check out the current range of available NFTs right now by clicking here!

Our plan is to distribute these to our community over the coming weeks and months as a special way of saying thank you for your contribution to Gluwa. By extension, this means we are not selling Gluwa NFTs directly. Details on how to acquire them are outlined below…


Each NFT in our collection has been crafted to symbolize or represent a special piece of Gluwa history, with inspiration drawn from a wide array of sources including Gluwa’s technological foundations, our values as a company, as well as several small easter eggs from our Gluwa Invest video - The Journey.

For example, you can find the ‘Founder’s Notebook’ at 0:19. Inside this notebook you will find the blueprint of Gluwa’s past, present and future (symbolically speaking).

The art design for our NFT collection was based on the internet’s rich history of pixelated art - we felt that block-based art just seems appropriate for blockchain-based companies.

In addition, each NFT comes with its own unique description, detailing its place within the wider Gluwa ecosystem, shedding light on its deeper meaning, or simply contextualizing it within the wider history of Gluwa's development.

Finally, each NFT comes equipped with its own unique stylised animations, letting you experience your NFT in its full 3D glory.

NFT Preview


We wanted to make sure that everyone can own their own little piece of Gluwa history, regardless of the money (or ETH) they have in their wallet.

That's why we have no plans to sell Gluwa NFTs directly. Instead we'll be distributing them to members of our community as a special way of saying thank you for contributing to Gluwa’s history and ongoing development.

This means you’ll be able to earn Gluwa NFT’s as prizes for partaking in certain community events, or for completing certain tasks. Details on how to win these NFTs will be made clear over time through our social media announcements, as well as on our promotion page.

As a bonus, we’re also going to include some special perks for NFT holders, although the details of these bonuses are yet to be fully finalized. Keep an eye on our social media channels for updates.

More Details...

By design, our NFTs are meant to be accesible to everyone - that's why we decided to mint the collection on Polygon. By using Polygon, all members of our community should be able to interact with our NFT collection without needing to worry about excessive gas fees.

Finally, not all of our NFTs have been created equal, with each NFT being assigned a certain rarity ranging from 1-4. This corresponds to the following overall minting rate:

  1. 81
  2. 27
  3. 9
  4. 3

By issuing NFTs of diferent rarities, we'll be able to share our NFTs with hundreds of people, whilst ensuring that more exclusive NFT prizes are reserved only for a select few special events, prizes and winners.

We can’t wait to start sharing these NFTs with you over the coming weeks and months, and thank you once again for your ongoing contribution to Gluwa history!