Lottery Account | 60,000 CTC Double Event!

We’re giving away a massive 60,000 CTC to our Lottery Account investors this December 2022!

Lottery Account | 60,000 CTC Double Event!

Claim your share, and win one of three 5,000 CTC prizes, by opening your Lottery Account today!

We’re giving away a massive 60,000 CTC to our Lottery Account investors this December. But, this time we have not one, but two special events! On top of our daily CTC bonus, we’re also running a special raffle event with 15k CTC up for grabs. We’ve provided a brief summary of each below 👇

Interest Bonus — Starting today, every day from 1 Dec — 30 Dec 2022, we’ll be sharing out a bonus interest pool of 1,500 CTC between every single Lottery Account investor.

Raffle Event — We’ll also be giving away 5,000 CTC to 3 lucky investors at the end of the month. Just make sure you maintain a deposit of $1 USDC from the 10th-30th in order to be eligible.

All you need to do to get your share of the goodies is download the app, set up your Gluwa Account and deposit some sUSDC-G in the Lottery Account. It’s really that simple!

Download the Gluwa Wallet today to get started: 🍏 Apple | 🤖 Android

What is the Lottery Account? 🎲

The Lottery Account is our gamified, no-loss Invest product, offering you the chance to win big every day at zero cost! With daily draws, rolling prize pools and anytime drawdown, the Lottery Account offers a fun yet flexible approach to investing.

Basically, your money goes into a pool with everyone elses, and then one lucky winner gets to take home all the accrued interest — hopefully that’s you! Of course, when you’re also splitting a prize pool of 1,500 CTC every day, then you’re always winning no matter what!

Not only that, but our focus on financial inclusion also means you’ll be investing in causes such as Aella which make a real-world difference — simply deposit your sUSDC-G in the Lottery Account under the ‘Invest’ section of the Gluwa Wallet to get started.

You find our exactly how the Lottery Account works here.

How does the Special Event Work? 🤔

The event will take place from 1st December — 30th December 2022 (30 days total), and on each day we’ll divy up a prize of 1,500 CTC between every single Lottery Account investor.

The amount you get is entirely proportional to your share of the Lottery Account liquidity pool. So, for example, if your deposit represents 5% of the total Lottery liquidity pool on any given day, you’d get 75 CTC prize money for that day. And you can always add more money during the event if you want to. Finally, we’ll take the snapshot of everyones deposit value and CTC price at 12PM (UTC).

That means you don’t even have to win the lottery to get your share of the money! Pretty epic.

As for the special raffle, as long as you maintain a deposit from the 10th-30th, you’ll be eligible to win one of our three 5,000 CTC raffle prizes up for grabs!

Once we’ve collated all the results at the end of the event period, we’ll send out the CTC prizes directly to your Gluwa Wallet within 14 days.

What are the Rules? ⚠️

Ah yes of course there’s one pesky rule to be eligible. That’s right, just one. Hardly a tricky one either:

🔐 Minimum Deposit: $1

That’s literally it. Simply Download the Gluwa Wallet today to open your Account and claim your share of the 60,000 CTC 🍏 Apple | 🤖 Android

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