New Investment Opportunity — Jenfi #1

Read more about the New Investment Opportunity — Jenfi #1.

New Investment Opportunity — Jenfi #1

Deal Summary

Jenfi supplies debt-financing to rapidly growing startups and digital businesses in Southeast Asia, helping them fund growth activities such as marketing, inventory and more. With a revenue-based financing model offering businesses repayment flexibility, and proprietary risk assessment tools designed for rapid creditworthiness checks, Jenfi has helped over a 1,000 small businesses and startups across Southeast Asia scale their operations.

💲 Interest Rate: 19.04% APR USDC (+12% CTC bonus interest offered by Gluwa Inc)

📅 Fundraising Period: Jan 23, 6 PM — Feb 6, 6 PM, 2023 (UTC)
🏗️ Investment Period: Feb 10, 2023 — Feb 10, 2024 (UTC)

🏦 Repayment Date: Feb 16, 10 PM, 2024 (UTC)

Key Highlights

  • Jenfi has served 1,000+ unique businesses, with customers reporting 3x average return on investment in growth activities funded by Jenfi.
  • Companies back by Jenfi grow an average of 8.1% per month (156% annualized).
  • Jenfi has operations in Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam.

About Jenfi

💳 Growth Capital as a Service (GCaaS) — Jenfi provides growth capital via debt-financing to fast growing digital businesses across Asia. Its proprietary risk assessment tool is designed to quickly assess creditworthiness and business efficiency, enabling rapid decision making. Once accepted, Jenfi customers can access capital financing for a variety of growth activities, such as inventory purchases or digital marketing, with Jenfi customers reporting 3x average returns on investment in growth activities funded by Jenfi.

💱 Revenue-Based Financing — Jenfi uses a unique repayment model, recouping interest payments based on revenue, rather than a fixed-repayment plan. In essence, the better a borrower is doing, the faster they pay back their loan. This offers borrowers greater flexibility than traditional loans, whilst Jenfi benefits from an accelerated loan cycle, helping it quickly redeploy capital into new ventures.

🤖 Machine Learning Risk Assessment —Jenfi’s proprietary risk assessment tool is designed to provide accurate creditworthiness checks in minutes. Businesses looking for quick capital simply need to connect their marketing (e.g. google/facebook ads) and revenue (e.g. Stripe, Braintree, Shopify) data to the platform and they’ll receive an answer within 1 day — much faster than a traditional loan or other fundraising sources. Not only does Jenfi’s tool assess risk, it also predicts revenue growth, helping Jenfi allocate extra capital to the most promising businesses first. Indeed, companies backed by Jenfi grow an average of 8.1% per month (156% annualized).

ℹ️ Performance Metrics — You can view detailed Jenfi loan performance metrics, including loan origination, outstanding loans, delinquency rates, default rates and more if you’re a member of the Investor DAO. Simply sign in to your Investor DAO Account and view Jenfi Investment Opportunity #1 for all the details. Due to confidentiality reasons, you must be a member of the Investor DAO to view these metrics.

🌏 Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia — Since launching in Singapore, Jenfi has now expanded its operations into Vietnam and Indonesia.

🏄 Want to learn more about Jenfi? Head over to their website here.

📽️ Or check out our interview with Jenfi CEO, Jeffrey Liu, here.

💰 Special 12% CTC Bonus by Gluwa

As if 19.04% APR wasn’t enough, Gluwa is sweetening the deal with an extra 1% monthly interest paid in $CTC up for grabs, taking your potential earnings over 30% APR. Not bad.

We’ll pay this interest every month straight into your Gluwa Wallet. So just sit back, relax, and watch your wealth compound.

Want to get involved and access real-world asset Investment Opportunities generating up to 20% APR? Head to our Investor DAO Signup Guide for a complete guide on how to get started.


How is this rate of return possible?

Investor DAO connects you directly to high-yield debt investments. Naturally, higher-return investments also carry more risk than traditional alternatives. Normally, these are restricted to institutions or other high-net worth individuals. Gluwa Inc provides a gateway for everyone to access these real-world assets (RWAs) opportunities through the Investor DAO.

For more information on how we generate our returns, head here.

How can I check the fundraiser’s Lending product performance metrics?

After signing up for Investor DAO in the Gluwa app, you can check it below Gluwa app -> Invest -> Investor DAO -> Product selection -> Heads of Terms.

What if I have more questions about the Investor DAO?

You can ask us questions about Investor DAO at any time by emailing us at

What is the minimum accepted investment?

All Investor DAO members can invest from as little as $1!

But, please note that there are transaction fees for investing on each chain, so make sure to check the fees and have enough tokens ready to cover the costs of your transactions.

Have you done due diligence on this Investment Opportunity?

Due diligence on the fundraising party has been completed by Gluwa Capital, the offeror.

Is Gluwa Fund LP a registered entity?

Gluwa Fund LP is a registered private investment fund in the Cayman Islands, and has completed all audit requirements per the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA). Gluwa Capital is the General Partner of the Fund.

When will I get the bonus Creditcoin (CTC)?

We will calculate the dollar-adjusted price and then send it to you at the end of each month. Due to the nature of cryptocurrency, the price of $CTC may fluctuate. Therefore, please understand that the interest rate is not exact.

When can I draw down my funds?

Heads of Terms of each Investment Opportunity will specify a repayment date at which point you’ll be able to draw down your funds. The repayment date is normally a handful of days after the maturity date.

When will I start accruing interest?

Interest does not accrue during the fundraising period & after investment period (after maturity date). Interest begins to accrue from the start date of the investment period until its end date (also called maturity date).

Where can I invest?

You can invest after joining the Investor DAO available in the Gluwa app. Download links below ⬇️

🤖 Google Play Store:

🍏 Apple App Store:

Other Resources ℹ️

📙 Investor DAO Signup & KYC Guide :

📙 Investor DAO Investment Guide :

On which Chains is USDC investment supported?

This deal is available exclusively on Ethereum (ETH). Please make sure you have enough ETH in your wallet to cover any gas fees.

When will the next Investment Opportunity be available?

We will continue to announce deals every few weeks.


About Gluwa

Gluwa is an RWA platform, connecting capital from developed markets to emerging market lending opportunities using blockchain technology. Investors can use the Gluwa Invest platform to partake in debt-financing deals with emerging market fintech lenders, earning up to 20% APR on their USDC.