PSA: iOS update 8.1.4 | Swaps disabled

A quick PSA regarding the iOS update 8.1.4.

[Update: As of May 31, the swap feature has been re-enabled for iOS users]

The Apple App Store has disabled ‘Swap’ features. Apple iOS users: please read the guide on how to swap sUSDC-G manually using the Gluwa web app.

Unfortunately, the App Store has disabled Gluwa’s ‘Swap’ feature for iOS users as part of their latest update. As a result, iOS users are unable to use the Gluwa ‘Swap’ feature until further notice and this feature has been removed as of update 8.1.4. Please be assured that we are working hard to find a permanent solution to this problem.

👉 Please note that this issue only affects iOS users. Android users are unaffected.

In the meantime, to ensure continued accessibility for our iOS users, we have created a temporary web app to swap sUSDC-G for BTC:

If you have concerns about security, please contact our mods or submit a ticket on Discord to confirm the validity of this update.

💱 How do I swap sUSDC-G ➡️ BTC?

  1. Head to the temporary Gluwa Swap web app: Please make sure you only ever press links from official sources.
  2. Add your Gluwa wallet to Metamask using your private keys. Alternatively, you can also enter your private key directly into the Gluwa Swap web app. Please note that your private key will be fully encrypted when entered into Metamask or the web app. At no point will Gluwa or Metamask have access to your private key.
  3. Enter the amount of sUSDC-G you want to swap. Please make sure you have enough cryptocurrency in your wallet to cover any associated transactions.
  4. Confirm the swap transaction. Please be aware that the swap transaction will take 1 business day for us to execute and complete.
  5. Once the swap is complete, your swapped funds will appear in your Gluwa wallet.

Add the below to your Metamask wallet:

Add a network
Network name: Luniverse
Chain ID: 59496427
Currency symbol: ETH
Block explorer URL:

Import tokens
Token contract address: 0x39589FD5A1D4C7633142A178F2F2b30314FB2BaF
Token symbol: sUSDC-G
Token decimal: 6

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to or contact us 24/7 in our official Discord.